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Where is Everyone Coming From?

Posted by Scott Layson on March 9, 2015
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We’ve all heard how popular Nashville is becoming.  Most experts agree that the city will add 1 million more people by the year 2035.  So, this got us wondering where most of these new residents will be coming from.  By looking at our Google Analytics from our website, we were able to determine how many visitors we’ve had from each city over the past 2 years.  Here’s a look at the top 20 cities where your new Nashville neighbors are likely to come from.   analytics map

Top 20 Cities Where Future Nashville Residents Are Coming From

20. Birmingham

19.  Seattle

18.  Myrtle Beach

17.  Denver

16.  San Diego

15.  Washington

14.  Austin

13.  San Antonio

12.  Dallas

11.  San Francisco

10.  Indianapolis

9.  Philadelphia

8.  Louisville

7.  Houston

6.  Los Angeles

5.  Charlotte

4.  Atlanta

3.  Chicago

2.  New York

1.  Bowling Green


What Brings You to Nashville?

This data is surprisingly accurate when we look at where our clients have moved from over the last few years.  Have you relocated or are you moving from one of these cities?  We would love to hear what brings you to Nashville!

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