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What Happens At Closing?

what happens at a closingCome prepared

The day is finally here that you close on your first home!

So what can you expect during the closing process? First, your realtor and lender should have reviewed the Settlement Statement a day or two prior closing to ensure that everything looks correct and there are no last minute surprises.

You will also want to make sure you bring two forms of I.D.

Where it takes place

The location of the closing usually takes place at title attorney’s office which was selected by you and your realtor when you initially placed a contract on the home, but it is also possible to do a remote closing with a power of attorney as well.

(Note: In some states, the buyer and seller close at the same time and in the same room, which can lead to awkward situations if it wasn’t a pleasant experience for either party. Luckily for you, in the state of Tennessee, this is not the case, so you can expect a much more relaxed atmosphere.)

Signing the documents

The majority of the time spent during the closing process is spent signing a stack of closing documents. Remember that whoever is on the loan will need to sign the paperwork.

The keys are yours

Once everything is signed, the title company just needs to verify that funds have been wired to the seller’s bank. After this has occurred, then you finally get what you have been patiently waiting for…….the keys to your first home!