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What Can Your Money Buy? | 12 South

Posted by Scott Layson on March 5, 2015
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What can my money buy in 12 southThis is the first article in a series where we are taking a look at what your money buys in different areas of Nashville and at different price points.   Our goal is to provide you with as much knowledge as possible, whether you are buying or selling a home.  First up is 12 South, which is mainly single family homes .  Here’s a look at what is active on the market right now.

Price Range:  $100 – $200K 

Active Listings: None

At this price point, it is nearly impossible to find a property in such a desirable location.

Price Range:  $200 – $300K

Active Listings: 1

We found one home available in this price point.  It has been on the market 25 days and is already under contract, pending inspections.  The home is 845 square feet.  It was built in 1958 and appears to be newly renovated.

810 Knox Ave


Price Range:  $300 – $400K

Active Listings: None


Price Range:  $400 – $500K

Active Listings: 4

At this price point, we start to see single family homes for sale in 12 South.  The one below is just on the edge of 12 South and Melrose, which is also becoming a more sought after location.

2810 Vaulx lane


Price Range:  $500 – $600K

Active Listings:  10

This is currently about the average price point for 12 south.  You will likely see that attached horizontal properties make up about half the homes in this price point.

9068 Caruthers


Price Range:  $600 – $700K

Active Listings:  7

Of the seven listings we found in this price point, six of them are new construction homes.

1009 Bates Ave


Price Range:  $700 – $800K

Active Listings:  3

We found three active listings in this price point although the homes in this range tend to stay on the market slightly longer than the previous price ranges.

822 Dewees


Price Range:  $800 – $900K

Active Listings:  5

At this price range, you can find a large 3,000 square foot home with custom details and a deep lot like the one pictured below.

927 Montrose


Price Range:  $900K – $1 Mil

Active Listings:  3

Apparently lawn chess is all the rage in this price range.

923D Gale Ln


Price Range:  $1 Mil +

Active Listings:  None



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