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8 Best Ways to Get Around Nashville

Posted by Scott Layson on May 25, 2016
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Nashville has quickly become one of the hottest tourist towns in the country. In fact just two years ago, Airbnb listed it as the #1 destination city. With as many tourists that Nashville plays host to every year, it helps to have multiple ways to get around town or go sightseeing. Fortunately, Nashville has plenty of excellent options. Here’s just a few our favorite ways to explore this awesome city.

1.  Joyride

joyride nashville

One of the funnest and quickest ways to get around town is Joyride. These street legal golf carts seem to be everywhere, shuttling tourists all over the city. The best part is it’s free! They only ask that if you had a good experience, to please tip the driver accordingly. If you download their app, you can make reservations as well as see where the closest driver is.

2.  B-Cycles

nashville bikes

Another great way to explore Nashville is to rent a bicycle at one of the 31 B-cycle locations around the city. When you’re done, just return it to any of the stations. Also available are GreenBikes, where you can tour the parks and greenways that run throughout the city.

3.  Segway Tours

Nashville segwayNothing quite says cool like cruising down Broadway on a Segway while wearing a sweet safety helmet. Ok, it may not be the perfect image of hip, but the tours that iRide Nashville provides really are a lot of fun and is a great way to experience parts of the city that you might not be unable to on other guided tours.

4.  Pedal Tavern

pedal tavern

If you have spent much time in Nashville, then you no doubt have seen the party on wheels known as the Pedal Tavern.  What better way to experience broadway than get a little exercise while you enjoy a few adult beverages. It’s like spin class with a bartender.

5.  Uber & Lyft

uber & lyft

Uber & Lyft have revolutionized the way we get around cities. This is especially true for cities like Nashville that have a large amount of tourists. These two services provide visitors with a familiar and reliable form of transportation without having to try and figure out who the local cab company is. Also, for those of us living here, it can often be a cheaper option than parking downtown.

6.  Nashville Pedicabs

Nashville Pedicab

Maybe you’re more eco-conscience, but you have an aversion to exercise. Well then Nashville Pedicab might be the perfect option for you. They hold three people and offer a quick and unique way to travel and explore around town.

7.  Music City Hop

Music City Hop

What makes the Music City Hop unique to all other tours in Nashville is that you can experience the city at your own pace. The company operates both open air trolleys and double decker buses that allow you hop on or off as many times as you like. Unlike some of the more regimented guides, this allows you to customize your tour to your liking.

8.  Party Barge

Nashville Party Barge

Nashville is often called the “Third Coast”, so what better way to ride up and down that coast than in what is basically a pontoon boat on wheels. While I have never had the pleasure of experiencing the Party Barge for myself, I will say that every time that I see it, everyone on board looks like they’re having more fun than anyone else on Broadway.



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