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Use This iPhone App To Virtually Walk Your Property Lines

Posted by Scott Layson on September 22, 2017
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As an unapologetic Apple fanatic, I’m always excited to see what changes are in store anytime a new IOS or iPhone is released.

With Apples’s release of ARKit earlier this year and the new IOS 11, tech companies are beginning to show us how we can use augmented reality for practical purposes in our everyday lives and in real estate.

One such example is the latest update to the Homesnap app, which now allows users to virtually walk their property lines. Just make sure you update to the latest IOS.

I tried it in my own yard and I found it to be off by a foot or two, but it’s still exciting to see what the technology can do and where it’s heading.

While the app is a great tool and easy to use, I think it still goes without saying that the technology has it’s limits and you will still want to hire a professional surveyor before adding a fence our cutting down any trees.


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