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Proposed Bridge Would Connect Gulch and SOBRO

Posted by Scott Layson on October 3, 2013
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The Gulch and SOBRO might be a little more accessible to one another if Mayor Karl Dean gets his way.  He is championing a plan to build a pedestrian bridge that will connect the two vibrant areas, which are arguably some of the hottest and fastest growing neighborhoods in Nashville.  Currently the areas are separated by the CSX train tracks.

Interviewed by News Channel 5, Mayor Dean stated, “This area is so dynamic and it is such a significant player in terms of our tax revenue, that it’s important that we do all we can to nurture it and to keep it moving. You have to invest in infrastructure. If you’re going to have a great city – and we’ve got a great city – you have to invest in it.”

The plan, which is embraced by many, does come with a pretty hefty price tag of $16 million.  However, Dean feels that these two areas are vital to the growth of Nashville and well worth the investment.

“You’ve got two really dynamic areas – two areas that are not only dynamic right now, but their future growth and their future vibrancy are going to be important to the economy of Nashville,” he said.

With successful multi-purpose condo developments already established in the Gulch like Icon and Terrazzo, the proposed pedestrian bridge could spur similar developments, as it provides greater access to the Gulch and SOBRO areas.  What are your thoughts on the city’s latest proposal?

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