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Nashville Schools Go Virtual

Posted by Scott Layson on July 30, 2013
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It’s just been announced that Metro Nashville Public Schools will begin to offer virtual learning for select courses.  Dubbed the Virtual Academy of Business, students will have access to classes like virtual enterprise, web design and interactive multimedia.  James Witty, the Virtual School Principal states in The Tennessean, “At the click of a button, the new academy will provide students with dynamic and unique course options and career exploration opportunities,”

The state of Florida has one of the largest networks of virtual schools and is the inspiration for Nashville’s project.  Not every student will be able to take these courses right out of the gate.  Through an agreement with Florida, Nashville purchased access to 1,000 seats in the system for the fall semester. The deal is that Florida will provide the curriculum as long as Nashville provides the teachers.  If all goes well Nashville could at some point create their own system.

Where Nashville Students Will Benefit

I can see this being a huge benefit for families.  Virtual learning could free up time for students who are trying to hold down a job or compete in multiple sports.  With technology being a major part of our lives, I don’t think this takes too many people by surprise.  There are however some parent who might worry that there is not enough hands on attention from the school.  Where that may be true, if students take a virtual class here and there, I think it provides a good basis for what to expect when they leave for college.

As Nashville has become an increasingly popular place to live, it’s nice to see that the city is taking steps to keep our schools current.  What are your thoughts on the new virtual courses for Metro Nashville students?

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