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Hopping Hounds Easter Egg Hunt

Posted by Scott Layson on April 7, 2014
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Now that the colder days are hopefully behind us, we’re excited to bring back the Maxing Out Nashville series again, where we take a look at all the dog friendly restaurants and outdoor events in Nashville.

This week we were invited to a fundraiser event at Edwin Warner Park, which was put on by the Alpha Delta Pi Alumnae Association.  Proceeds of the “Hopping Hounds Easter Egg Hunt” went to the Nashville Humane Association and the Ronald McDonald House.  As the name implies, this was for dogs only and not your ordinary backyard Easter egg hunt.  I would describe it more as a dog treat bonanza.

 If you’re looking for some cheap entertainment, there’s nothing like watching the insanity of 40 dogs sprint towards hundreds of treat-filled eggs.  Although, some of them seemed to be more interested in the customary sniffing ritual.   Max, however wanted no part of this.  Nope, this 20 lb dachshund was like a crazed Pamplonian bull once he realized there was food to be had.  If you were an egg and you had a treat inside, you were going down.

At the conclusion of his spirited hunt, Max left happy and full and we left happy knowing that our donations were going directly towards these two wonderful organizations.  Thank you Alpha Delta Pi Alumnae Association for putting this all together!

One thought on “Hopping Hounds Easter Egg Hunt

Stephanie Layson
on April 11, 2014

Sounds just like the Max I know and love!!!

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