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East Nashville Real Estate: Hot Housing Market & Restaurant Boom

Posted by Scott Layson on July 11, 2013
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Over the last year, East Nashville real estate has enjoyed a frenzied housing market.  Of all the neighborhoods in the metro area, East Nashville had the highest increase in home values.  While some neighborhoods north of Nashville saw a decline in property values, East Nashville had an increase of over 14%.  This was the highest increase realized out of all the neighborhoods in Nashville.

The neighborhood is known to have some of the best restaurants in Nashville, with more popping up with what seems like daily.  It only makes sense then that a large commercial real estate firm began to take notice as well.  National Restaurant Properties, which brokers deals for restaurants and bars, just announced that their office in Brentwood has relocated to Eastland Station.

Why East Nashville Real Estate Will Benefit

This can only be a positive sign for East Nashville real estate.  It’s a great indication that a company with 15 offices across the country feels it is in their best interests to open up a location in the neighborhood.  This gives us insight into how they view the emerging East Nashville scene.

To confirm this, The Tennessean quoted the owner, Todd McGlaemery, “There are more restaurants opening in East Nashville than any other community in Middle Tennessee,” he said. “It is an up-and-coming trendy market and the proximity to downtown makes it a popular area to open a business.”

It’s a nice warm and fuzzy to also know that the company has been around since 1968, so you get the impression that they have a good idea what they are doing.  As more and more people grow tired of a daily commute, East Nashville real estate values should continue stay in the positive.  What are your thoughts on the direction East Nashville’s housing market is in?

One thought on “East Nashville Real Estate: Hot Housing Market & Restaurant Boom

Todd McGlamery
on September 23, 2013

Great blog Sarah. Looking forward to meeting you! East Nashville looks poised to experience growth for many years to come. It’s very exciting to see all the changes and development.

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