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Crossroads Pets

Although we typically review dog friendly restaurants and venues on Maxing Out Nashville, we wanted to highlight a very cool organization that is doing great things for the pet community in Nashville.  While enjoying a plate of ribs at Edley’s BBQ in 12 South, we got to chatting with the table next to us.

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Making making friends wherever he goes

Come to find out, one of the ladies at their table, Robin Fields, works with a local boutique pet shop & non-profit organization called Crossroads Pets.  One of the things that makes their shop unique is the pet adoption program they have initiated.  However, their community outreach does not stop there.  They also employ disadvantaged youth, giving them the experience they need to find successful future employment.

So this local business is focused on helping both needy pets and the youth in our community? Yep, that got our attention and we were more than happy to take a trip down to their shop, so we can spread the word about their organization.

 Located off of Monroe Street in Germantown, Crossroads Pets is housed in a beautiful old brick Victorian home.  The shop itself is neatly organized and offers just about anything you could want for your dog or cat.  On this day they had four dogs available for adoption that had run out of time at local animal shelters.  All of them were well mannered and got along great with Max.


Max’s favorite treats

Overall, we were very impressed with their shop, knowledge and desire to serve the Nashville community.  If you are looking to give a dog a new home or just want to contribute to a great cause, you should definitely give this one-of-a-kind pet shop a visit.

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