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A Christmas Surprise in Nashville

Posted by Scott Layson on December 9, 2015
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As real estate agents, our typical day for the most part involves working with clients who are buying or selling a home. However, in this industry, no two days are ever the same and this couldn’t be more true than when we received an email last month requesting our assistance.

The person emailing us stated that they were looking for a location to do a Christmas commercial shoot and would like our help, but that he could not give us much more information than that. From our past experience of finding properties for people in the music industry and professional athletes we understood the need for privacy and after discussing it with our team, we decided that we would take on the job.

Once we notified the location manager that we would assist them in finding a location, he gave us the criteria and types of properties that they envisioned for the commercial. Basically, we needed to find the biggest loft in Nashville with large windows and city views.

There was just one problem:

Nashville does not have many lofts over 4,000 square feet. Some of the lofts we considered were Werthen Lofts, Phoenix Lofts and The Westview. As we continued our search, the director’s criteria for the property went from 4,000 square feet to 8,000+.  This pretty much wiped out any of our options in the residential market.

The focus then shifted to more industrial properties like Marathon Village, Houston Station and Cannery Ballroom. A few of these would have worked out great for our needs, but facilities like these are usually booked way ahead of time, which made it impossible to secure the dates we needed.

As we began to fall under a time crunch for the commercial shoot, someone suggested the Peter Nappi building, which is home to the luxury leather designer in Germantown. Although this was far from the original criteria that we were initially looking at, the building itself had all the right features to allow Hollywood to do their magic.

As we gathered with our family on Thanksgiving day, we saw the commercial air that so many people had worked hard to make happen. The final product is a beautiful Apple commercial that portrays images of a large, warm loft filled with singing and Christmas cheer as well as rising artist Andra Day and the legend himself – Stevie Wonder. Who would have guessed that it actually takes place in an obscure leather shop, in one of Nashville’s hottest areas.

What a great Christmas surprise it was to be able to help with this project. Sometimes amazing and unique experiences are just waiting for you to say “yes”.

Merry Christmas.


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