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9 Smart Home Devices That Will Make Your Life Easier

Posted by Scott Layson on June 28, 2015
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While we don’t claim to be technology experts, it’s fun to keep an eye on smart home devices that make our lives easier.  Here are some of the best products we found that are worth taking a look at.

1.  August Smart Lock

Features We Like:

  • Senses your arrival to allow for keyless entry
  • Give access to whoever you choose from your phone
  • Records a log of who has entered and exited
  • Automatically lock door behind you
  • Works with other smart home devices

2.  Canary Home Monitoring 


Features We Like:

  • HD video & audio
  • Motion sensors
  • Senses your arrival and exit
  • Night vision
  • 100 dB siren

3.  Nest Thermostat


Features We Like:

  • Learns your temperature preferences and adjusts on its own
  • Can be controlled from anywhere with smartphone
  • Autoaway feature knows when you leave and sets the thermostat to save energy
  • Works well with other smart devices

4.  RainMachine

Rain Machine

Features We Like:

  • Conserves water by gathering weather information
  • Connect via smartphone to control water usage
  • User friendly dashboard
  • Set up different zones to water

5.  LiftMaster MyQ Garage Door Opener


Features We Like

  • Receive alerts when garage door closes or open
  • Open or close garage door remotely
  • Works with older LiftMaster garage doors

6.  WallyHome

Features We Like:

  • Monitors temperature, moisture and humidity
  • Sends SMS alerts when it detects water leaks
  • Great for preventing or limiting major water damage

7.  Belkin WeMo


Features We Like:

  • Turns ordinary household items into smart devices
  • Expanding family of third party partners
  • Control almost everything in your home from your smartphone

8.   Pella Insynctive Smart Blinds

 Features We Like:

  • Blinds can be set to automatically lower or rise at specific times
  • Can be controlled from smartphone
  • Great for hard to reach windows

9.  SmartThings


With a SmartThings hub, you can connect all your smart home devices, so that you can control them from one dashboard on your smartphone.  This is the final piece for someone who is looking to create a truly automated environment with all of their smart home systems.

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