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These 5 Zip Codes Are the Highest Price Per SqFt in Nashville

Posted by Scott Layson on August 24, 2017
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People are in love with the idea of convenience. All you have to do is look at companies like Uber, Amazon or Airbnb who are crushing the competition because they understand that convenience is a leading deciding factor when purchasing a product.

Well, in real estate, this preference holds true as well. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise when we see that the five zip codes in Davidson County with the highest price per square foot are all just a short distance from downtown Nashville.

Nashville’s Top 5 Highest Zip Codes Price Per SqFt

1.  37219 – Downtown:  $390/Sqft

2.  37201 – Downtown Riverfront:  $358/Sqft

3.  37203 – West End/Edge Hill/Gulch:  $337/Sqft

4.  37212 – Hillsboro/West End:  $334/Sqft

5.  37204-  Berry Hill/Melrose/12 South:  $290/Sqft

To provide some perspective, we took a look at the zip code with the lowest price per square foot. White’s Creek, which is located in the 37189 zip code has an average price per square foot of only $86!

This means that it would cost you approximately $406,000 more for a 1,500 SqFt home in downtown Nashville than it would in Whites Creek. For some people, this is just the price of a convenient lifestyle.

Others can’t afford it, while some just refuse to pay that much.

For those who do value convenience but aren’t quite willing to pay that much per square foot, there are other great options like Lenox Village in Brentwood or Franklin’s Westhaven.

What We Expect to See in The Future

Millennials place a higher value on walkable communities than any other demographic and they are starting to enter the housing market in force.  This means we should see more and more options for suburban communities like this in the future.

But for now, expect to pay a premium per square foot if you prefer a live, work, play lifestyle.

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