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5 Awesome Interactive Maps for Nashville Residents

Posted by Scott Layson on May 16, 2018
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I love tools that make life easier or provide information in a visual way that's easy to comprehend. This is why we decided to put together a list of some of the most useful maps that we've come across in the industry. 

Crane Watch

The Nashville Business Journal's Crane Watch is one of our favorite resources to easily locate the newest developments around town. Projects colored red are already in progress, while those in black are either somewhere in the permit process or just waiting to start construction.

Crane Watch


Nashville Suburbs Map & Home Search

Many of our relocation clients would ask us for a map of Nashville and an easy way to search homes in the surrounding areas. We couldn't find exactly what we wanted out of a map, so we decided to create our own. Just click on an area to see homes for sale in that location. 

Map of nashville suburbs


Wealth Rankings by Zip Code

Want to know what the wealthiest zip codes in Nashville are? This map does just that and also provides that average home value for each area. If you click on the image in the pop-up, it will take you to a description of the likely type of resident that inhabits that zip code. Whether it's accurate or not, it's fairly interesting. 


Attom Data Housing Index

This map is somewhat similar to the wealth map above, but it provides a score for each area and much more in-depth data such as average ROI on flipping homes, annual home price appreciation, average property taxes and more. 



Crime Mapping

This is probably the most well-known map on the list. It can be a useful tool to view crime trends in your current neighborhood or where you are thinking about moving to. 

crime mapping




Disclaimer: While we hope this information helps provide insight, The Layson Group does not represent that any of the information on these maps is accurate and it is the responsibility of each individual to do their due diligence before purchasing a home or moving to a new location. 

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