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13 Popular Songs That Describe the Home Buying Process

Posted by Scott Layson on November 11, 2015
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songs that describe buying a home

Buying a home is a major life event that involves a wide range of so many different emotions. Sometimes it can feel like a roller coaster that goes from giddiness to complete frustration in the blink of an eye.

Since music is such a great way to express emotions and is often the soundtrack of our lives, we decided to have a little fun and put together this list of songs that help describe each step in the home buying process:

1.  Make Decision to Buy A Home

Congratulations, you've made the decision to purchase a home and be a part of the American dream.  Buying a home can and should be a great experience as long as you know what to expect throughout the process. Having the right expectations and understanding that some things are beyond your control, will help you have the right mindset when/if things go off course during your home search.

Song:  "Let's Get it Started" (The Black Eyed Peas)

2.  Find a Proven Realtor to Work With

I'm not going to spend a whole lot of time on this, because so much has been written about the importance of having a skilled Realtor working on your behalf.  I will say, the fact that the founder of used a Realtor to sell his house speaks volumes about this topic.  Set yourself up for success and team up with an agent who is proven and most importantly, always puts your interests first.

Song:  "Team" (Lorde)

3. Get Pre-Approved for a Loan

If you're serious about buying a home, you should always get pre-approved for a loan and not just a pre-qualification.  By doing this, you will be taken more seriously by home sellers, because you are showing proof that you can actually afford the home.  This is especially important when you're in multiple offer situations, where you are competing with other homebuyers.

This also prevents a major letdown when you've been looking at homes only to find out they're way out of your budget - Once you're used to looking at steak, the hamburger may not look so good.

Song:  "Money Talks" (AC/DC)

4.  Find Your Dream Home

So you've looked at over 70 homes and in the process you accidentally let out a cat named General Whiskers, flooded 1 toilet, heard banjos, learned the definition of hoarding, set off 6 alarms and walked in on a homeowner who apparently did not get the memo that you were viewing his home that day.  All the homes are starting to blur together, you're about to give up and then like a magical unicorn, there it is:  The one.

Song:  "Whoomp There It Is" (Tag Team)

5.  Submit an Offer for the Home

Song:  "Pokerface" (Lady Gaga)

If you're in a Buyer's market, you typically have more room to come in low and potentially get a "steal."  However, in a Seller's market, chances are you could be going up against other buyers for rights to purchase the home.  This is called a multiple-offer situation and can sometimes drive up the sales price beyond the original asking price.  It's time to play your cards right, but make sure to stick to your budget and avoid overpaying for a "hot" property.

6.  If Your Offer is Not Accepted

After you've dried the tears, it's time to move on and and get back in the saddle - or at least back in the car with your Realtor.

Song:  "Let it Go" ("Frozen" - Idina Menzel)

7.  Acceptance of the Offer

Oh, the sweet feeling of victory.  After a few rounds of back-and-forth negotiations, you and the seller have come to an agreement and you are now one step closer to owning your dream home.  It's ok to celebrate this feat, but there are still a few more hoops to jump through, so don't pop open the bottle of Dom just yet.

Song:  "All I Do Is Win" (DJ Khaled)

8.  Home Inspection

Once you are in a binded contract, the next step is to schedule a home inspection, unless you've declined to do one as part of your negotiations.  I know this may come as a surprise, but homeowners don't always disclose everything that's wrong with a property, so it's good to have a professional check for foundational issues, water damage, pest intrusion or radon levels that rival Chernobyl.

Song:  "Radioactive" (Imagine Dragons)

9.  Home Appraisal

Unless you are paying cash, the bank who is providing your mortgage will more than likely require that a home appraisal be performed.  If the home does not appraise for the amount agreed in the contract, then you and the seller will have to come to agreement on the appraised price, possibly forfeit closing costs or a combination of the two.  If you can't come to an agreement, it's time to lace up you home shopping shoes again and start over.

Song:  "Worth It" (Fifth Harmony)

10.  Get the Clear-to-Close

Besides "Congratulations on your new home," hearing the words "clear-to-close" from your lender might be the sweetest words to your ears during the home buying process.  At this point your lender has cleared all the conditions on approving your loan and they are ready to move forward with preparing your loan package for closing.  You're so close that you can smell the steaks cooking in your new backyard.......just don't go make any big purchases between now and closing day.  Sorry, that G6 private jet will have to wait.

Song: "Feels So Close" (Calvin Harris)

11.  Get Ready to Move

Now that you've got the clear to close, it's time to start packing, schedule the movers, tell your neighbors how you really feel about their 10 lb. attack dog and transfer/cancel utilities. Probably wouldn't hurt to check out these moving hacks as well.

Song:  "Send Me On My Way" (Rusted Root)

12.  Closing Day

Finally.  You made it!  Closing or "settlement" as it is referred to in some areas, usually takes place at the office of a title company that was chosen during the negotiation period.  You will more than likely have to sign a mountain of documents, but once you've reached the summit and they hand you the keys to your new home, you will be filled with an enormous amount of pride, joyfulness and relief for what you have accomplished.  Pro tip:  Make sure you drink lots of water.....hand cramps are the leading cause of poor signature performance.

Song: "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours"(Stevie Wonder)

13.  Celebrate Your New Home

Take the time to enjoy this moment, as all accomplishments in life should be applauded and celebrated. This is where you break out your happy dance.....If that just happens to be the Whip/Nae Nae, then so be it. Congrats!

Song: "Watch Me - Whip/Nae Nae" (Silento)

I'm sure we missed some great songs, so tell us which songs you would suggest instead:

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